Friday, January 7, 2011


I found this small magnet in a box while rearranging my work space
at home. Moving the furniture isn't much of a problem, but getting all
the books, compact discs and other paraphernalia out of the way while
you do it is. You don't realize how much has been accumulated until
it is off the shelves and piled all over the place.

A few friends of mine have been taking piles of books and most of their
cd collection to a few stores to get rid of them. My wife gets upset
about the stack of vinyl records that I can't part with.

Never the less, I found this really cool magnet I thought was lost.


  1. that's an awesome magnet. my fridge would be covered with those if I could find them.

  2. Yeah, mine too. Unfortunately it came out of a 10¢ gumball machine in the early 70's, and I spent a lot more than that to get it. It is about the size of a dime.

  3. I know what it is like to try to get rid of and organize all the stuff that grows through the years. I was just looking at the many boxes of comics I have in my closet thinking wow much of it could go as it just sits there.;) Life and all the stuff. It can drive on nuts at times or at least me. It is interesting what you can find when you clean up stuff.