Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pockets Of Memory


When passing by a gumball machine, I always check to

see what is offered, and every once in a while find

something that captures my interest. It doesen't matter

if it's tiny plastic creatures, flicker rings or small rubber

balls, it's always more fun when it comes out of one of

these things.


Even though my friends find it odd at first, they always

end up getting some to keep by their computer or desk

at work. Finding one in a drawer always brightens up

the most mundane environment.


I've always loved the shapes, and how light formed on them when moved around a lamp. But during my adult life I've learned that they serve as memory triggers for a lot of people. Seeing one they had as a kid, immediately brings them back to that point in their life. I never thought about that, but I do remember what I was doing and where I got every random piece of small plastic I have.


  1. you gotta do more of these posts, they are always great.

  2. Ha ha! I didn't think anyone was reading this. Thanks!