Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mister X

Without a doubt, 1984 has been my favorite year (so far). I saw the world, met my wife, compact discs came out, and so did a really great comic book called Mister X.

Not only did the cover catch my eye, but the stories were written and drawn by the Hernandez Brothers, along with strong graphic design throughout the entire series.

But as much as I loved it, some people around referred to it as "the biggest disappointment in comics." It seems there was a lot of production work these people saw before the book was actually published, and didn't feel it lived up to what was shown earlier. Most of it was created by Paul Rivoche, and thanks to the internet you can see it here.

The plan was to use a different set of cartoonists for every six issues, then another story line would be introduced. Unfortunately, the Hernandez Brothers never got paid and left after four fantastic issues, which was disappointing. The series went on, and the creator Dean Motter did another great series along the same line called Terminal City and it's follow up Terminal City: Aerial Graffiti with artist Michael Lark, which is worth reading as well.

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  1. Somehow I have missed your blog here and funny I see you follow some of the same cool blogs I follow. Thanks for checking out my blog. Man this Mr.X stuff brings back memories! Yes talk about what a cool thing it could of been, but it sounds like it really go mishandled in the end. I always wanted to dress up as Mr.X for Halloween.Maybe someday.;)